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Natale 2015

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NEGRAMARO  11/03/2019 Palasele di Eboli (Sa)

NEGRAMARO 11/03/2019 Palasele di Eboli (Sa)

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3 star Hotel in Battipaglia | Hotel Happy

hotel 3 stelle battipaglia

Hotel Happy is a 3 star hotel in Battipaglia, Salerno. It offers a comfortable, pleasant and family atmosphere that will make your stay unforgettable in Battipaglia.

The staff of Hotel Happy in Battipaglia is ready to offer you hospitality and assistance 24 hours a day. Hotel Happy proposes a stressless holiday, in always available personal , a quiet and intimate environment: our first task is the satisfaction of our customers. Hotel Happy has been recently renovated and it is always conducted with great passion.

hotel 3 stelle battipaglia

Today, it is the perfect choice for short breaks or long stays to relax or to discover the wonderful sceneries of the beautiful surrounding areas. The strategic position allows to reach some very interesting places like the Amalfi Coast, the Cilento Coast, the beautiful Salerno, the precious archaeological site of Paestum, the Alburni and Picentini mountains. Hotel Happy has new rooms with all the comfort where you can relax your body and your mind, new areas to relax or for conversation, a large park for your car and much more than this. Check availability of rooms for the period you want and book your holiday in our lovely town.


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Costiera amalfitana

hotel 3 stelle Salerno Battipaglia

The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so called because of the ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

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hotel 3 stelle Salerno Battipaglia

Even Paestum is considered a world heritage site by UNESCO. Paestum was the most important city of Magna Graecia.

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Costiera Cilentana

hotel 3 stelle Salerno Battipaglia

Cilento and its beautiful coastline are an important step to discover the beauties of our wonderful southern Italy.

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hotel 3 stelle Salerno Battipaglia

Salerno is in a key position between the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento ones. Salerno is a very big city and over 60% of its territory are protected by UNESCO with about 200 km of coastline.

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Monti Alburni e Picentini

hotel 3 stelle Salerno Battipaglia

Alburni Mountains are a carsick massive rich of sinkholes, caves and cavities. Alburni Mountains are between the valley of the Sele and Tanagro and they are a part of the Lucan Sub-Apennine.

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