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Alburni and Picentini Mountains

The Alburni Mountains are a karst massif rich in sinkholes, caves, cavities and swallow holes that are located between the valley of the Sele and the Tanagro and are part of the Lucan Subappennino.

Due to their morphology, particularly noticeable from the western side (for example from the Piana del Sele), they are known as the Dolomites of Campania. Rich in paths and mule tracks, the Alburni chain is today the heart of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park.

At the center of them, on a road that connects Sant’Angelo a Fasanella to Petina and Polla, there is a refuge, the Casone d’Aresta (1.169 meters), and not far away the rocky sculpture of the Antece. Among the sites not to be missed there are the WWF Oasis of Serre-Persano and the Caves of Castelcivita, and for astronomy enthusiasts we remember the Astronomical Astronomy Aresta by Petina.

The Picentini Mountains are a mountainous group of the Campania Apennines. Moving towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, among the Lattari mountains are Mount Partenio, the Irpino plateau and the Sele river valley.

The highest peaks are those of Mount Cervialto (1,810 meters a.s.l.) and Mount Polveracchio (1,790 meters a.s.l.) in the eastern part, and of the Terminio Mountain (1.786 meters a.s.l.), in the western part.

At the Monti Picentini Regional Park it is possible to discover hilly routes, river routes and high altitude crossings.

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