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The Mediterranean Giants, Truck Meeting 22-23 June in Battipaglia

Date: May 28, 2013:

Preparations have now begun for the 2013 event, the one that everyone has been waiting for in the transport sector for a long time. Thinking about it was Acito Ventura and all the staff at Acitolnox who were supported by experts in the marketing and communication sector for the occasion. Everything at the start, therefore, to present the 2013 highlight event: The Giants of the Mediterranean.

The date can now be pinned on the calendar:

22-23 June at the Sele Circuit in Battipaglia SA. This year, in addition to the exhibition of and the gathering of decorated trucks, however realized in a circuit, something that never happened in southern Italy, there will be the races of the trucks that are and will be the real protagonists of the whole event.

The trucks will compete in many difficult tests, like the acceleration races, those of skill and many others that you will discover only at the event. In addition to the truck rally, there will also be space for auto tuining races that will reward the most beautiful cars ever. The surprises are still many but we cannot reveal them to you now, we are sure that we will leave you speechless.

A weekend to spend with the whole family: free entry, show, exhibitions, gastronomy, but above all the most beautiful trucks in Italy. All this in one big event.

Read the program on:

The Hotel Happy is less than 5 km from the Sele Circuit in Battipaglia, which can be reached in about 8 minutes!

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